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Dalian Synthetic Fiber Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd. was founded in 1953 and mainly engages in the research and application of chemical fiber engineering technology and equipment, providing engineering design in chemical fiber, equipment design, equipment production, equipment installment, service software supply, start-up service and product research, etc. It is one of the key research institutions and equipment manufacture enterprises in the field of Chinese synthetic fiber technology. The products and technology developed by the corporation such as the high efficiency and multi ends polyester melt spinning, chip spinning FDY,TCS,POY complete equipment, two components composite spinning filament(split side by side and sea-island type) complete equipment, nylon 6 yarn polymerization and spinning complete equipment, polyester industrial yarn continuous SSP and spinning complete equipment, nonwoven fabric complete set of technology and equipment, have equipped more than 200 enterprises in the world.

Our company has the qualification of engineering design of chemical fiber and chemical fiber raw materials Grade A, the qualification of petrochemical, textile engineering consultation Grade A, the qualification of EPC, the qualification of design for pressure vessels, pressure pipeline and the qualification of organic heat-carrier furnace design, manufacture and many other certificates.

Our company also has the certification of IS09001 quality management system, and is a key institute of national synthetic fiber technology development and a backbone equipment manufacturing enterprise.

There are 152 members of the staff in the company at present, among whom are 1 great master of Chinese Engineering Design, 35 senior engineers, 30 middle engineers and 10 senior technicians in our company. It means we can meet your any personalized requirement about your plan and your plants, we have enough capability to do it.