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The complete set of technology and equipment for nonwovens

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Dalian Synthetic Fiber Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd. engages in the research and application of the technology and equipment about nonwoven, providing clients with complete sets of nonwovens.

PET spun-bonded and needle-punched geotextile

weight:100-800 g/m2,

width:2.4-7.2 m.

drawing style: pipe air blow drawing(4500-5000m/min)

PET spun-bonded and needle-punched padding for bituminous waterproof sheets.

weight:100-350 g/m2

width 2.4-6.8 m

drawing style: pipe air blow drawing(4500-5000m/min)

PET spun-bonded and calendered nonwovens

weiht:10-240 g/m2

width:1.6-3.2 m

drawing style: pipe/slit air blow drawing(4500-5000m/min)

Conjugate spun-bonded and calendered nonwovens

weight:15-240 g/m2

width:1.6-3.2 m

drawing style: slit drawing(4500-5000m/min)

conjugate type: slit, sheath/core, sea-island

PP spun-bond nonwovens

weight: 8-1 50 g/m2

width:1.6-3.2 m

drawing: air-blow drawing(3000m/min)

Spun-bonded and needle-punched for filter nonwovens

weight:80-600 g/m2

width:1.6-3.2 m

raw material: PET.PPS

drawing style: slit drawing (4000-5000 m/min)

Melt-blown nonwovens

weight:10-200 g/m2

width:0.7-3.2 m

raw material: PP, PET, PA6, PE 


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