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The complete set of technology and equipment for polyester continuous solid state polymerization and industrial yarn spinning

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System of solid state polymerization:

The technology of advanced continuous solid state polymerization is adopted to increase the viscosity of the PET chips, meanwhile to narrow the scope of the molecular distribution.

Solid state polymerization (SSP) chip index

The intrinsic viscosity: 1.0~1.2

Carboxyl content:  ≤ 28mol/t

Dust content (by screening method): ≤ 100ppm

Water content: < 30ppm

Design capacity:30t/d~60t/d


Yarn spinning part

Application products: 

Polyester industrial yarn with high strength or low shrinkage It is mainly used for the geotextile fabric, coated fabrics, conveyor belts, safety belts, hoses, rubber pipes, slings, fabrics with core overall, ropes used to tie tight.

Ends/ pos.: 4-12

Fiber titer: 100-3000d


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